En Route

"One should not think about the end result of one's work, just as one does not travel to arrive, but to travel"



I'm an artist and I travelled through a lot of disciplines of making art.  

For many years I made a lot of abstract paintings. With the paintings I had a lot of successful expositions. Now I make big sea-ocean paintings, and smaller ones in watercolours. I'm always so happy to spend my vacation near the ocean. The waves, the sound, so fascinating.

A few years ago, during a vacation, I started making small drawings in a small sketchbook.  Free in the head and a fineliner to do the job. Now I can't live a day without drawing.  Small works on paper,  with watercolours and black fineliner.  The drawings are inspired by corals and sea life. The theme offers many possibilities,  the illustration collection is growing, and now offers various variations. I'm very happy with the choice on doing drawing and watercolours. It works very well in combination with the big ocean paintings in acrylic and oil paints. 


The unexpected 

When I had a 'dip' in my art creating process, I got the advice to start a new small project. So small means small. But what to paint? I'm Dutch, and my last name is Buskermolen. The last part of the name, molen, means mill. There it is. My new self-created assignment, oil painting Dutch Windmills on small panels. 

Perhaps you have seen me on a market at the Zaanse Schans in Zaandam.  I did the market for many years. That collection was still growing aswell. Besides the small panels I make windmill drawings too. In black and white, and with watercolours. Through the pandemic, the market was closed. I have still a lot of windmills to come your way. So look on my windmill page, and shop for special prices.


Thank you for visiting and shopping in my shop. Enjoy my work!

If you are interested in a personal custom made artwork, or you have other Questions? I will be glad to help you. Please fill in the form, in English or Dutch.